Graham Hanna (Lead Guitar & Vocals):


I was fortunate, with my band, to have been signed up to Robert Stigwood/ Brian Epstein (N.E.M.S). I have appeared with Tom Jones, George Hamilton IV and many other named artists and bands including appearing at the Cannes film festival through the Starlight Enterprises agency. With Polydor we cut a disc 'Lonely Man' and 'Line Shooter' We toured Europe including Scandinavia and of course the northern clubs. The band was known as 'The Emotions' but Stigwood, after auditioning us in London, changed our name to 'West Point Supernatural' we cut a disc under the Reaction Label, Stigwood's company 'Time will Tell' & 'Night Train' I play lead guitar with some vocals. I consider myself blessed with the artists I have met and performed alongside over the years, highs and lows! I do apply myself, 'What You Put In You Get Out' I am very happy to be playing a part with 'Southern Bandits'. Graham is also Musical Director and Administrator for the band.

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